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There are few mediums outside of mythology and epic poetry that so perfectly capture the grandiose stories and vast landscapes depicted in comic books. 


Like the heroes that made them famous, comics have a superpower - they can shock and inspire and scare and comfort. They can make small the grandest of things and make large ants and spiders.
A medium that runs the gamut of content from fun and innocent to thought-provoking and truly moving.

These omniscient panels freeze moments in time and allow our minds to escape our linear realities and enter a whole new world.


Just as film does with new media - combining moving images with sound and music - so do comic books with that of old - combining art and literature to make us look beyond the page and believe in the impossible.


These are more than just children’s stories mixed with cartoonish images.

Much, much more. 



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S U P E R H E R O   C O M I C   B O O K
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